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Interexpat’s MisterCurrency.com launches with a vibrant social media campaign. October 25, 2010

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MisterCurrency.com is a resource website comparing various currency-related transactions, travel money products, brokers quotation requests for international fund transfers.

Singapore, October 18th 2010 – Interexpat Pte. Ltd. today launched MisterCurrency.com. Its aim is to assist users in saving time and money by comparing a wide range of currency exchange and money transfer products and services in one place.

The free to use website offers a comprehensive choice of products and service providers to help consumers make informed decisions when transferring money to another country or exchanging currencies.

“It was a good way to leverage on the strong and trusted relationships we have built with our currency specialist partners and as such to offer the user greater insights on currency transactions and money saving tools,” said Sébastien Deschamps, co-founder, Interexpat.

The new website launch is also supported by a strong social media campaign, created by an interaction with active bloggers in the industry highlighted on the website as well as a disruptive Facebook campaign offering users to become “Fans” of their currencies.

The “I *heart* my currency” campaign stretches across more than 50 currencies and as many active Facebook Fan Pages, offering the users a discussion platform, a place to follow the worldwide currency supporters race as well as valuable information.

“We wanted to showcase the growing expertise of our team in social media management and at a time where currency wars are making the headlines across the globe we thought that to throw in a little bit of love and support would certainly be very much welcomed,” adds Sébastien Deschamps.

MisterCurrency.com comes with an extensive offering of detailed articles as well as a comparison of products and services ranging from Travel money cards to Business foreign exchange.

Media Contact

Sébastien Deschamps

Interexpat Pte Ltd

tel: + 65 6479 6469

Email: contact @ expatfinder.com

About Interexpat & MisterCurrency.com

French and French-American co-founders Francois and Sébastien Deschamps are currently working on innovative solutions for consumers around the world. MisterCurrency.com and ExpatFinder.com are managed by their co-founded Singapore based company: Interexpat Pte Ltd.. For more information visit: www.MisterCurrency.com


Guest sues Hyatt over cross-dressing employee October 21, 2010

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(CNN) — A Hyatt guest returned to her room to find more than fresh towels, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court this week.

Dayanara Fernandez claims she found a male hotel employee in her room wearing her panties, skirt and high-heeled shoes during a June stay at the Hyatt in Deerfield, Illinois.

After a police investigation, the man was arrested and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, according to court documents.

In the complaint, Fernandez accuses Hyatt Corporation of invasion of privacy, negligent hiring, supervision and/or training and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

“We deeply regret that this troubling, unacceptable incident occurred. Hyatt has taken action to ensure this individual cannot return to that property or any other Hyatt. Because this now is the subject of litigation, we cannot comment further,” a Hyatt spokeswoman said in a written statement.

According to the suit, posted on The Smoking Gun, Fernandez returned to her room on the afternoon of June 6 to find some of her belongings spread around the sitting area of her room.

She saw a man in the bedroom area and “noticed an unusual expression on his face when she made eye contact,” the complaint said.

She realized the man was wearing her skirt and a pair of her heels. When the man ran into the bathroom, he didn’t completely close the door, and Fernandez noticed he was also wearing a pair of her panties.

The man changed his clothes and then shouted “Don’t tell, don’t tell” in Fernandez’s face, according to the court documents.

Fernandez reported the man to hotel management and asked for another room, according to the complaint. Management did not take further action until she insisted Hyatt call the police, the complaint said.

High Firefox Memory Usage Issue & Tweaks October 20, 2010

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I saw a tweet from one of my contacts who recently had an issue with his Mac. While cleaning his machine up, he noticed that a lot of memory has been allocated to run Firefox. Now, I am a daily user of the browser myself, and I do notice that it does chug along a little slowly sometimes. While all this while I thought it could be because I am using my 8-year-old Powerbook G4, I realised that I am not the only one with this problem.

I found a pretty good instruction for non-techie people to tweak their machine. Here is the link:

How to lower the amount of memory that Firefox uses

How can a person float mid air? Here’s how… October 20, 2010

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In my last post, we saw this guy who floats mid-air to promote KLM’s comfortable seats. Who is this guy and how does he do it?

The stunt man is a Norwegian magician named Ramana. He constructed a metal “chair” that was bolted to the stage, sat on it and then had his clothes put on over the “chair”. Clever, huh?

Here’s Ramana performing another stunt, we love the way he makes people stop and think…and then smile.

KLM Seats So Comfortable It’s Like Sitting On Air (part 1) October 18, 2010

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This cool stunt by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines at Manchester Airport in the UK had a lot of people gawking in awe. The proposed passenger sits and reads his newspaper while seemingly sitting on an invisible chair. Folks passed their hands underneath and around him and couldn’t believe their eyes! How do you think they did it? I’ll tell you in my next post.

Virus & Safety Check For A Nuclear Power Plant in Singapore? October 8, 2010

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Sometime earlier this year, I read an article about Singapore government’s plan to build a nuclear power plant in this island (see: Singapore to Consider Nuclear Power, Fewer Foreigners). It was a very uncomfortable read even though I am pro green energy. For a country about the size of Lake Taupo in New Zealand, an error on the power plant could either mean we run short on power or wiping out the entire country.

While surfing the news a moment ago, the danger became all too real with the in depth coverage about the emergence of a powerful new computer worm apparently is capable of causing power plants or pipelines to blow up. In recent weeks, dubbed the world’s “first cyber superweapon” by experts, it has wreaked havoc on computerised industrial equipment in Iran. Experts suspect it was designed to disable nuclear facilities in the country but Stuxnet could have consequences its creators did not anticipate. It is becoming clear that the repercussions may go far beyond Iran.

The Stuxnet story raises the question of what the consequences of using a cyber weapon might be. Maybe Pandora’s box has been opened — this weapon or one modeled after it, could soon come back in even more dangerous form. Security experts call this Blowback.

The virus targets control systems made by German industrial giant Siemens commonly used to manage water supplies, oil rigs, power plants and other industrial facilities.

Chinese media reported this week that Stuxnet had spread to China, infecting millions of computers around the country.

The source of the worm strike on Iran remains unknown, although suspicion has fallen on Israel and the United States, which fear that Tehran is using its nuclear programme to build an atomic bomb, a charge denied by Iran.

Singapore, being so close to the Equator with sunshine all year round, do we really need to have a nuclear power plant? There are more than enough places for solar panels on top and the sides of every building.