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4 Ways to Get your Profile Restricted on Linkedin March 12, 2013

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Social networking is more than just adding contacts to your profile. There are various ways to connect with your new contacts without getting you into trouble. This article describes just that. 4 Words that Can Get You “Restricted” on Linkedin




Why Five Days in the Office Is Too Many March 4, 2013

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Here’s a good explanation why. The idea that everyone must be in the office five days a week harks back to a time when workers didn’t have the proper tools to work from home. But we live in a very different world today. Given that technology has made employees accessible around the clock, and that they are often expected to work after hours, the traditional 40-hour schedule is in many ways an anachronism.

However, this writer have a valid point why sometimes, it is a good idea to have everyone at the office. Why Five Days in the Office Is Too Many.

Facebook apps add free calls March 3, 2013

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Did you know that Facebook recently allowed users to make free calls to friends at the leading social network using its application tailored for iPhones or iPads.

An updated Facebook “app” for the popular Apple mobile devices shows when friends are online and then gives the option of ringing them up by tapping an icon on the screen.

Calls are routed over the Internet using telecom service data plans or connections to Wi-Fi hotspots. Facebook introduced a version of the feature earlier this year in its messenger program.

Upgrades in the Facebook 5.5 app included a button designed to make it easier to “like” online content and post comments at the social network.

Facebook to showcase new look for newsfeed on March 7 March 2, 2013

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Facebook Logo

Facebook has recently announced that they are making more changes on the website. Apparently, Facebook is testing out a new, slimmed-down version of its Timeline pages. The new design takes away the large, graphical rectangles for friends, photos, map and followers, and replaces them with smaller, text-only boxes.

TheNextWeb reports that ads were moved lower on each page’s right-hand rail, and the company is making it even easier to “like” individual pages. Apps, Likes, Notes and Photos are getting more prominence, moving to a special section on the left side of the page.

The changes are being quietly tested in New Zealand. Facebook will track engagement with the new features to see if they lead to longer session times, more clicks and better ad impressions.

If successful, the redesign will roll out to the rest of the world. Will these changes take place on March 7? I guess we’ll wait and see.