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FASTBOOKING Appointed by Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts to Strengthen Direct Sales Strategy November 26, 2015

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FASTBOOKING announced today that it has entered a multi-year partnership with SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels & Resorts. FASTBOOKING is a leader in the e-commerce and digital marketing solutions for the hospitality industry. SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels & Resorts, established in 1981 and managed by PT Grahawita Santika, owns and operates hotels across Indonesia and Singapore including the Santika, Santika Premiere, Amaris and The Royal Collection.

SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels & Resorts has very ambitious plans to grow our direct channel sales,” says Agustino Fernando, General Manager of e-commerce & Revenue Management, SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels & Resorts. “Today, we manage more than 80 hotels in 38 cities across Indonesiawhich makes us one of the biggest local chains in the hospitality Industry. While we see an increase of business through various online channels, less than one-third of these contributionsare derived from our direct channel.

We believe it is essential for SANTIKA Hotels & Resorts to be able to work directly with our customers so that they can benefit from a more personalized and enhanced customer loyalty experience. Our customers should feel more secure, comfortable and rewarded when they book directly with us. That is why our partnership with FASTBOOKING complements our direct sales strategy. FASTBOOKING will provide the tools, resources and technology to accelerate our direct sales, increase preference for our brands and provide us with greater control over our distribution channelsFASTBOOKING also has dedicated local teams that will provide local support for our hotels, which are very important to us.”

SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels & Resorts will implement FASTBOOKING’s e-commerce solutions to upgrade their booking services as well as provide an enriched user experience to improve its online reputation and conversion rate. The hotel chain will use FASTBOOKING’s full suite of digital solutions, including web design, the Attraction online booking solution, Direct Link, PMS Connectivity and the Distribution Manager platform. FASTBOOKING’s new Distribution Manager empowers the hotel chain to strategically pilot and increase control of their distribution channels. The platform gives SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels & Resorts a single dashboard to gain visibility of all their sales channels.

Pierre-Charles Grob, Managing Director of Asia for FASTBOOKING, underscored their role: SANTIKA’s brief was very clear: they wanted to boost their direct sales online. I am very proud that SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels & Resortshaschosen our solutions for their hotels. Our teams are already working together to ensure that the migration is smooth and quick. Our common objective is to see SANTIKA’s direct sales as well as profitability and customer loyalty improve quickly. It is truly an honorfor us to be chosen by the largest local brand hotel in Indonesia.

FASTBOOKING has been serving hotels in Asia since 2003 and will continue to strengthen our teams across the different markets in the region as well as invest in product development. SANTIKA’s 87 hotels will benefit from our cutting-edge cloud based solutions and our web marketing expertise to increase traffic on their direct channel and their conversion rate.”


FASTBOOKING offers leading edge e-commerce solutions for hotels to boost their direct sales strategy. Our solutions based on a cutting-edge cloud platform and our proven expertise in digital marketing enable hotels to boost brand visibility and promote online sales through online and mobile channels. Our local experts offer daily support to hoteliers, in more than 90 countries, to help them leverage our solutions and retain their independence.

Founded in 2000, FASTBOOKING is now part of AccorHotels group, as the specialist for digital solutions dedicated to independent hotels.

About SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels and Resorts

SANTIKA INDONESIA Hotels and Resorts is the biggest hotel local chain in Indonesia. Established on 22 August 1981, Santika Indonesia Hotels and Resorts succesfullyoperates more than 80 hotels in 38 cities across Indonesia under 4 main brands: The Royal Collection, including the The Samaya and The Kayana, as premium resorts; Santika Premiere as 4-star hotel; Santika as 3-star hotel and Amaris Hotel as a smart hotel. In 2013, Santika Indonesia Hotels and Resorts expanded into the ASEAN region with the Amaris Hotel in Singapore.

Santika Indonesia provides the best staying experience by combining the warmest Indonesian tradition with excellent service that demonstrates hospitality from the heart.


Could this be the future of driving? October 13, 2014

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Listen to this Tesla P85D purr …

Why Five Days in the Office Is Too Many March 4, 2013

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Here’s a good explanation why. The idea that everyone must be in the office five days a week harks back to a time when workers didn’t have the proper tools to work from home. But we live in a very different world today. Given that technology has made employees accessible around the clock, and that they are often expected to work after hours, the traditional 40-hour schedule is in many ways an anachronism.

However, this writer have a valid point why sometimes, it is a good idea to have everyone at the office. Why Five Days in the Office Is Too Many.

The End of Telecommuting at a Tech Giant? February 28, 2013

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When I recently read about Yahoo!’s move to bring all staff, including telecommuters, back into the office, it just baffles me. Why would a technology company not embrace technology to get work done, no matter where the physical staff members are.

Here’s what I understand:

“To foster collaboration, Yahoo announced it will require employees to work at the office instead of allowing them to telecommute”. 

Work is work, whether it’s from home or at a work station. The majority of us have to deal with traffic, commuting costs and children in school. But most of us don’t work with a tech giant either.

This policy can cut both ways, and the Yahoo situation is unique. It says its culture needs to change. Well, bring people in every day, for a time, and create the new culture. At that point, and if the new culture is successful, working from home could be re-established. What do you think?

History of Encryption [INFOGRAPHIC] May 15, 2012

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A Day in the Life of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC] March 7, 2012

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That’s a lot of data zipping through the internet.





From: A Day in the Life of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is Email Encryption Right for Your Business? February 8, 2012

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The Privacy Rights Clearing house currently tallies 542,608,451 records breached in the past 5 years. Unsecure email certainly contributes to the problem. Small business email (or any email) starts off on a secure or unsecure wired or wireless network then travels over numerous networks through secure or unsecure email servers often vulnerable to people who are in control of those servers.

There is also plenty of hacking and cracking tools bad guys (and good guys) use to sniff out that data in plain text.

With criminal hackers, government funded hackers and the various other snoops, email encryption today is essential.

In a recent study by Ponemon Institute, the latest U.S. Cost of a Data Breach report, which was just released today, shows that costs continue to rise. This year, they reached $214 per compromised record and averaged $7.2 million per data breach event. The fact is that individuals still care deeply about their personal information and they lose trust in companies that fail to protect it.

If your business operates under some form of regulation whether it is finance, healthcare, or any other regulation where fines are imposed in the event of a data breach, then email security should be a fundamental layer of your company’s information security protection plan.  Plain and simple if you are concerned about compliance with regulations like HIPAA and the HITECH Act and the numerous state data breach notification laws look to email encryption.

At its basic level PGP encryption is one way to provide email encryption.

Coming soon: @facebook.com November 16, 2010

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(Marketing-Interactive) – After revolutionising the social media space, Facebook is widely tipped to announce its move into email for its 500 million-strong user base globally.

Overseas reports say Facebook will announce its move later today. The focus on email is being touted as a bold one to take over internet giants Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft’s Hotmail.

Also likely is a partnership with Microsoft to explore possible tie-ups to bring together the functionality of Facebook in MS Office applications. Microsoft owns a small percentage of Facebook shares.

If this takes off, Facebook would surpass the 361 million global users of Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail’s 273 million, and Gmail’s 193 million.

Converting PDF to Word November 2, 2010

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A moment ago someone sent me a link for document conversion program, from PDF to Word. It only works only with Windows OS. Here is the link. http://www.convertpdftoword.org/

High Firefox Memory Usage Issue & Tweaks October 20, 2010

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I saw a tweet from one of my contacts who recently had an issue with his Mac. While cleaning his machine up, he noticed that a lot of memory has been allocated to run Firefox. Now, I am a daily user of the browser myself, and I do notice that it does chug along a little slowly sometimes. While all this while I thought it could be because I am using my 8-year-old Powerbook G4, I realised that I am not the only one with this problem.

I found a pretty good instruction for non-techie people to tweak their machine. Here is the link:

How to lower the amount of memory that Firefox uses