As a management consultant, my expertise mainly in advising clients utilising my areas of expertise in market research and market intelligence.

Currently in Europe, but working internationally, I am adept at heading and executing research/intelligence projects in every stage, from inception to reporting. With a hands-on approach in the different methodologies such Qualitative, Quantitative and Desk Research I am not a stranger when comes to moderating Focus Groups Discussions, conducting In-Depth Interviews in English, Malay and co-moderates in Bahasa Indonesia globally, with respondents that varies from 5-year olds to C-Suite Executives.

As a Conference/Events Organiser, I have managed and headed several high-level events/conferences. This varies from the production of marketing collateral, media events, among others. Some of these involvements include management/production of the annual Asia Pacific Summit for an investment bank, a cycling event between Gettysburg to New York City, Independence Day celebrations with about 10,000 attendees annually, among others.

This blog is a compilation of articles from numerous sources. While I will try to keep it mainly business-related, I may veer out of topic once in a while.



  1. Hi Ian, I am hoping that you don’t mind me posting this here….I was attempting to locate a very dear old friend Andrew Peters (or otherwise known to me affectionately as RAP) how shocked and deeply sadden I was to read on the APLINK blog that he had passed away…in April 2010. I met Andrew whilst he worked at WANG at North Sydney and lived at Mosman, in 1986. He was a great friend to me then and we spent a lot of fun times in and abt Sydney….we were regularly in touch whilst he remained living in Sydney having moved to Elizabeth Bay and then Moore Park before his move to Singapore. We lost contact after this period as I was to find myself battling health issues, which took me out of my work and social life for almost 4-5 years. I reconnect with Andrew in 2006 via Facebook and this led to a 2-3 hour telephone conversation late one night…were we caught up on what had being happening in each others life…I was amazed, but not surprised at his achievements in Singapore and on the Internet front. Over the next 12 months he tried to encourage me to make a trip to Singapore…..to ensure that I got myself motivated and back into life…I never made that trip and now I wished that I Had…he was always a person that I thought of and loved and will always hold a special part of my heart…I sit here now just totally shocked, with tears… even though we were not in constant contact in later years …the connection was always there…it was so easy …so true…a friend. Will miss him.

    Ian would really like to be in touch with you. Please drop me an email. thanks. Mark

    • Hello Mark,

      Sorry for the slow response. It is good to hear from you and to know that you are a close friend of Andrew. I know that he has been a great friend not only to myself but also to a lot of people. And as his best friend in Singapore, not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. I do not have your email address but please write to me at iansarn @ yahoo . com

      Look forward to hear from you soon.

      Imran (Ian)

  2. Hello Ian,

    We are introducing a new iDVR device soon to be launched in Singapore.

    Details can be found here: http://www.rightbrain.sg

    I would like to arrange a live demonstration of our product with you either 28 or 29 November in Singapore if it is possible.

    Thank you for your consideration of reviewing our new product,

    Best Regards,

    Jeffrey Hock

  3. Hi Ian,

    My CTO and CEO will be available to meet with you on 13,14 or 15 January to provide a demonstration of Bhaalu and discuss our partner affiliate revenue sharing program. More information can be found at http://www.bhaalu.sg. If you are available, we would like to meet with you.
    Best Regards,

    Jeffrey Hock
    | Managing Director (Asia)
    | Mobile Phone: +65 8312 4867
    | Right Brain Interface (Singapore)
    | Singapore Television Revolution: http://www.rightbrain.sg

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