The End of Telecommuting at a Tech Giant?

When I recently read about Yahoo!’s move to bring all staff, including telecommuters, back into the office, it just baffles me. Why would a technology company not embrace technology to get work done, no matter where the physical staff members are.

Here’s what I understand:

“To foster collaboration, Yahoo announced it will require employees to work at the office instead of allowing them to telecommute”. 

Work is work, whether it’s from home or at a work station. The majority of us have to deal with traffic, commuting costs and children in school. But most of us don’t work with a tech giant either.

This policy can cut both ways, and the Yahoo situation is unique. It says its culture needs to change. Well, bring people in every day, for a time, and create the new culture. At that point, and if the new culture is successful, working from home could be re-established. What do you think?


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