Skype’s Competitor, Airport Wireless Security & iPad’s Soundpaper

I was HootSuiting this morning and came across some interesting articles that are posted by some of my contacts.

The first one was something about Skype’s competitor. Now we all know that you can make voice calls using GTalk which is incorporated in Gmail. I wonder why CNN see this as today’s news? Google: 1 million Gmail calls on first day.

The second article that baffles me is that airports always paint a picture that it is a secure spot with all the scanners (both humans and machines) all over the place but when comes to wireless connectivity, are they really that hopeless? According to CNet “Accessing the Internet via an open Wi-Fi network is risky because you have no idea who is the hot spot provider or who is connected to it.” What about WIFI in airline lounges when you know that the airline with their tech partner provides the service? What about those who actually use VPNs with public WIFI? Be cautious of Internet access at airports

iPads … Ahh yes, the “In” gadget at this point of time. While I am still running around with my Powerbook G4, I do have a liking for this device. But what stops me from getting one is because of the non-existent of any USB port.

Anyways, I came across this app “Soundpaper” for iPad and think it’s one useful program. Especially the part “If you ever fall asleep in class, don’t worry — SoundPaper’s got your back. Just tap what you wrote while you were awake, and SoundPaper will play the audio to help you fill in the blanks.” Where was this device when I was in school? And do you see my point about the USB port so I can plug in external HD? 🙂

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