Solar-Powered Night Flight

What is the use of technology if it can’t make things better. And by “things” I am also including the environment. There are some interesting developments which I think is worth mentioning such as aircraft completes first solar-powered night flight.

But being solar-powered wasn’t the only fact that caught my eye. The fact that it flew slightly over 26 hours powered only by the sun’s energy is to what I believe is an achievement. At present, I believe that there is an airline that is dedicating one aircraft to run on bio-fuel on their international long-haul route, and the A380 as well as the 787 Dreamliner claims to consume lesser fuel per passenger.

Being someone who has been guilty of raking up the air miles, it does make feel good that something is being done about the future of air travel, even if I don’t know how far out in the future it will be.

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